Body painting galleries for various occasions

Body painting galleries Give new trends to do various unique things you’re your body. Some get their body parts like nose, eyebrow, ear, navel and tongue pierced, some get their skin tattooed whereas, many get their body painted.

People paint themselves with different colors on various occasions. You might have seen many fans cheering for their team in various sports activities like football, cricket etc. Body painting is a way by which a fan displays his/ her love for their favorite team and distinguishes themselves from the ordinary fans. They also use grease paints to give more effect to their face and body and cheer up for their favorite team. These paints are oil- based and it needs to be set with powder which gives an effect even when you are sweating a lot. Not only during a sport activity but, people also paint their faces and body parts when they are invited for a theme party. Some paint their face like a ghost whereas; some paint their face like batman or their favorite super hero.

The best about these paints is that they are non- toxic, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water without harming your skin. Some paints can be made at your home as well which reduces the chances of getting your skin damaged. Not only it is a safe way but, it also lets you use your imagination and creativity. It is said to be a great activity for birthdays and slumber parties and not only this it could be fun doing this on summer afternoons as well.

The back of your torso if painted with a unique design can attract a many people towards it. One can even engage himself/ herself in various body painting galleries as well where they can display their body art. The shoulder and upper backs have a good amount of muscles so painting on these areas can be a very good option. Not only you can display your body work at these body painting galleries but, you can also be a part of various photo- sessions as well. You can be really helpful for a photographer who is into unique and art photography and who knows you could be on the pages of a popular magazine as well.

There are many cultures that practice long- term body painting with plant stains, long- lasting skin dyes as well that are made from organic materials. A popular plant of middle- east and India called henna can also be involved in painting. Henna makes a reddish brown color which can last for at least two months. In South- America, many tribal groups engaged in elaborate body and face painting melbourne and they too use plant derived dyes for their skin art.

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